• Is bigger photography better?

There’s a misconception that photographs are less valuable than other forms of art and are seldom displayed large as the focal point of a room. Thinking has changed dramatically on that, photos have become larger and more graphic today, and they’ve also increased in value as more and more talented artists pick up cameras. 

Photographs in many respects have replaced pencils and sketchpads, they’ve become the basis of most paintings. A camera is just another kind of brush, a brush that tells the story that the artist wants you to hear. Photographs that make big, bold statements are here to stay.   

I’ll be sharing more about modern photography in the coming months. Please hang with me and take a look at my “Roadside” images on HarryKerker.com

Edsel's lemon

In 1958, Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel. The Edsel was the biggest flop in automotive history. Lure has it, that the car was a gas guzzling lemon, but in reality, auto reviewers dislike the futuristic look with the toilet seat front, which was years ahead in automotive design. The car survived just three years, however picking up an Edsel today will put you back a cool $100K.